Applicants who desire to reinstate a ministerial credential must submit the following documents along with a $100 reinstatement fee ($50 payable to the NWMN and $50 payable to General Council): if background check is needed an addition $40.00 is required

items required for reinstatement

  • Reinstatement Application

  • background Check Disclosure Form

  • Authorization Release Form

  • Authorization Release Form for Spouse (if applicable)

Reinstatement Guidelines

  • If a credential has lapsed for over seven years, the written exam is required.

  • If the credential lapsed or was resigned in a District other than the Arizona Ministry Network, a letter of good standing from the previous District should be submitted with the reinstatement application.

  • If a minister reinstates within the first three months of the calendar year after lapsing, General Council dues from the previous year must be fulfilled.

For questions, please contact us by calling our office at (602) 343-4000.