Church Affiliation and Sovereignty

District Affiliated Church

district affiliated churches are those which have not yet developed to the point where they qualify for full autonomy. All assemblies are required to adhere to the Statement of Fundamental Truths and a biblical pattern of conduct.

Parent Affiliated Church

Parent Affiliated Churches (PAC) are an outreach of an existing General Council affiliated church or duly authorized District Affiliated Church resulting in a worshipping community with a congregational life distinct from the Parent Church (PC).  A PAC is subject to the ecclesial supervision and authority of the PC, in such manner, and upon such terms and conditions, as are determined by the PC.

general council affiliated church

General Council affiliated churches enjoy full autonomy, having developed to the point of where they are self-governing and self-supporting. These fundamental principles have been catalysts for growth in the Fellowship.

Requirements to become a General Council Affiliated Church

  • Approved Governing Document – See Arizona Ministry Network Recommended Bylaws

  • No less than 20 Voting Members

  • A minimum of 3 members for the Board of Directors