Native American Ministries

Native American Pastor’s retreat

Flagstaff, AZ

Join the leadership of the Arizona Ministry Network for a retreat, October 4 & 5, 2019, at the location of Breath of Life Church, 3500 N 4th Street, Flagstaff, Arizona.

There is no registration fee for this event.

David Cota and teams from various churches work on building projects on our reservations. Teams from many states contribute funds and workers. Thank you to everyone comes to Arizona to help our Native Americans.

This is a good time to show that we in Arizona recognize that Native Americans are “our mission field.” In Arizona, there are 27 tribes on 21 reservations with less than four percent evangelized. Native Americans recently credentialed are receiving ministerial in the Canyon North Section.

Native American Leadership Training

We are training our future leaders and pastors, with the training being conducted in several cities in the northern half of the Navajo reservation. We are currently endeavoring to make the courses more compatible with the learning patterns of the native people. We are greatly encouraged with the early results, and pastors from other cities are asking for training to start in their areas. Natives reaching natives is the method being utilized all over the world, and now it is happening in Arizona. We will do whatever it takes to prepare our future leaders.



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