How To Start

We are excited that you are taking the next step on your ministry journey by applying for a ministerial credential through the Arizona Ministry Network! Please review the What To Know Before You Apply page before continuing here.


Pre Application

For those applying for credentials for the first time, submit the Pre-Application Questionnaire to the Credentials Assistant via mail or email. After we review your credential pre-application, you will be contacted about your next steps in the credentialing application process.

For those upgrading to Licensed or Ordained, please fill out the Upgrade to License or Upgrade to Ordination Application and the Supplemental Forms.

The pre Application is not the application due on August 12th.

the full application is what is due on August 12th and will be sent

following RECEIVING your pre application.


process overview

Application Received in the Credentialing Office with Credentialing Fees

  • certified - $80

  • Licensed - $85

  • Ordained - $90

Exam is taken

  • Certified – Bible Knowledge and Doctrine Exams

  • Licensed – Polity Exam (if coming in as a first time applicant, all 3 exams are taken: Bible Knowledge, Doctrine, and Polity)

Interview with the Credentialing Committee

Recognition / Ordination at our Annual Network Conference