For Credentialed Women of the AZMN

 We exist to connect and inspire Assemblies of God credentialed women ministers, and to assist those seeking credentials. We desire for the Arizona Network of Women Ministers to build community, grow in ability, and resource one another for more effective ministry. Our aim is to model Biblical leadership through the various ministries in which we serve, believing we are better and stronger when we stand together.


Denise Ryan


Denise is an ordained minister who deeply understands that her daily joy and fulfillment come from her relationship with Jesus. Her ministry has spanned the globe as youth pastor, missionary, marriage and women’s pastor. The Lord used her ministry to establish the largest AG women’s ministry on the west coast. Denise loves people, and feels especially called to help them develop their calling.

Serving as a single missionary in Costa Rica, she met her husband, Rick, who was then the Arizona Youth and Christian Education Director. Joining in love and ministry, they have discovered that daily prayer together has kept their marriage strong. Both their children, Theo and Giselle, were born in Costa Rica and are serving in full-time ministry in the state of Arizona. Denise serves on the National Committee of the Assemblies of God for the Network of Women Ministers.

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Credentialing and Resources

As Pentecostals, we believe that the historical revival of Azusa Street with the outpouring of the Spirit is a prophetic fulfillment of, “Your sons and daughters will prophesy . . . Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days” (Joel 2:28,29; cf. Acts 2:16–18). We believe, that as Scripture declares, women and men, old and young, are to prophesy which reveals God’s inclusive desire to empower all His children in the ministries of the new covenant age.

For information on the Assemblies of God position of women ministers

CLICK HERE. [https://ag.org/Beliefs/Position-Papers/The-Role-of-Women-in-Ministry]

To learn more about the credentialing process and requirements through the Arizona Ministry Network

CLICK HERE. [https://www.azag.org/howtostart]




We offer various ways to help you stay connected throughout the year with the Arizona Network of Women Ministers.


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Join an Area Connection of other Women Minister’s. Please email dryan@azag.orgto find your group.


 NWM Sisterstrong Retreat in February



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