Better Together Sermon Series

Individuals are capable of accomplishing great things for short periods of time, but we cannot sustain greatness outside the context of community. The most toxic community is to have no community at all.  The feeling of loneliness is a biological warning sign that something is not right, and we need to pay attention to the feeling of loneliness.  Just like hunger or pain communicate our primal instinct for survival, loneliness triggers our need to get back in community. 

We came into this world with nothing, and we will leave only with the impact we had on the people around us.  The social environments we choose today affect our lives tomorrow and the history books for future generations.  The best stories are yet to be lived, and the most significant and lasting change is made in the context of a healthy community.  We can be better together.

Introducing a four-week series, focused on building a life-giving community:

Series Video Intro

New Series Intro Graphic

Week 1: Why Together is Better

Week 2: Half the Battle

Week 3: Better Under Pressure

Week 4: The End in Mind